Why CU Works Compliance?

A to Z Management

Our services are unique in that we help you in every stage of compliance. Some companies offer a digital dashboard to help manage your compliance, but when you need to talk to a live person? [crickets]. Some companies help you with specific parts of compliance, but ask for help in other areas, you get a resounding NO. We don't believe in these types of business practicies. When you hire us, we help with everything, even developing policies and procedures.

Fully Customizable

Our clients enjoy a fully customized service. You can quite literally cherry-pick exactly what you need. Just a BSA test? Check. Maybe a continual website review? Check. No one size fits all here.

Easily Accessible, High-Touch

Ever worked with a vendor who you can never seem to get ahold of? Or maybe it seems like when an issue arises, you have to schedule an appointment to talk to someone weeks later? Not with us. We pride ourselves in our client-centric approach to business. Because we are small, our turnaround times are fast, and you will get to know us personally.

Depth of Knowledge

Our team has decades of credit union compliance experience - 9 decades to be exact. All are leaders in their field.

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